The Mazati Case

by | Apr 13, 2023


Historically we have seen that private investment plunders, deteriorates and causes destruction to the biosphere of the planet and that the global economic agenda is a major environmental threat. We have seen how corporations try to influence public policy to influence human behavior and promote fear-based consumption patterns that have selfish benefits for the value of assets of private corporations without any kind of consideration for the insatiable exploitation of the earth’s natural resources. Let us face it, this is how the private sector is perceived by much of society: as greedy corporations, insensitive developers, and money-hungry investors who are only out for profit.

But what if our view of private investment in environmentally sensitive areas is outdated and could change? What if we found that corporation involvement in sustainable development is now one of the most crucial factors driving successful management plans and leading conservation agendas worldwide that could preserve critical zones of the biosphere on earth and even restore nature, introducing extinct local species? 

What if now the private sector is the only major force that has the sufficient economic weight to preserve and implement specific actions that could positively affect our environment on earth? 



Just a few enterprises have seen that potential, and just a very few of them are now in México, as the exemplary case of  the  real estate business model of Mazati S.A. de C.V.  A private development which is advancing in new progressive ways in the tourist corridor of Tapalpa, Jalisco. 

Mazati has a permaculture development model where awakened consumers can balance their desires for a sustainable life combining luxury with the simplicity of living in harmony with nature, a quality of living that redefines green investment as a basic necessity to feed future in a solid and independent reality that guarantees security out of the problems of a complex economic system that sadly will not be resolved until a radical change can  be implemented.


Seeking balance and coherence in every aspect of life has become a journey for many people, once again trying to reach that toroidal practice of self-realization and succeeding in business while ensuring a better quality of life. Somewhere in between is a modern human dwelling. 

Private initiatives like the exclusive development of Mazati in the forest of Jalisco, México,  have come to exist  with the potential to improve the environment while creating more value for investors with  this very existing management plan. Community-based private projects such as Mazati  could be referred to as modern agents of change, helping people in the quest for an alternative lifestyle, finding their alliance in a more diverse business venture, and in a life closer to the forest, closer to nature and sustainability. 

The future of Exclusive Real Estate could be surrounded by nature and an  ecosystem that supports them rather than a business model that will eventually collapse.


Solutions to a new economic system have been proposed by many theoreticians, but the most remarkable was made by the late Lyndon LaRouche, who is the pioneer creator of the concept of physical economy. LaRouche proposed an interconnected economy with nature and physical  phenomena, an economic  system that could be measured and manifested in space-time as a toroidal spiral.

 This phenomena expresses the harmonious dance of contrary forces where human creativity plays the principal energy force that drives the system with the opposing force being the soil and the nature that receives it. A love dance that retributes the soils and biosphere of earth for the sake of our own development and our  progress into new growing models of harmony with the universe. 

The application of economics as part of physical science could allow us to reach higher potential for human kind and knowledge in order to enter an interconnected singular mind as a species,  a singular creative power that the Ukrainian geologist Vladrimir Vernasky called the noösphere.   The next level of a love dance between business and nature could be called The Economics of The Noösphere,  a model beyond the pure actual mathematics fantasies and invisible hands that now rule and control the resources of all nations on earth for the benefit of a few through the abuse of the majority.

A very forward-thinking mind is required to drive a business to go not just green but to consider all the colors of the physical phenomena of light. We can say that another word for the physical economy could be  the rainbow economy, a light awareness phenomena  that is surging in our present.  We need a realization not to lose the human values of community, which were once the driving force behind our real economy serving the human beings and the whole biosphere and noösphere of earth. 


Since its foundation in 1994 Mazati developers decided to keep 97% of their whole property as a natural reserve, a sanctuary that covers a total of 2,756  hectares, making it the biggest private natural reserve in the whole country of México. The entire forest area is managed with a Sustainable Forest Management Program, pre-certified in September 2013 by CONAFOR, a national  program that promotes the growth of the forest mass and the conservation of the whole area, in addition to preserving the Tilia Mexicana, a unique plant species.

Aware of the implied responsibility, the owners have invested in special infrastructure and studies to preserve their green gold and to keep the fauna in a healthy state, even reintroducing lost local species such as the whitetail deer and the wild turkey. Mazati also has a federal certification known as M.I.A (Environmental Impact Statement) whose main purpose is to increase the quality of human health with an  emphasis on the environment. For more than 20 years Mr. Jorge Pereda, the leader and Mazati majority shareholder,  has made an effort to turn a forest damaged by clandestine loggers into a living Sierra,. he and Mazati corporation have restored the density of its forest by planting over a  half a million trees.

To support  the natural reserve Mazati has invested in:

  •         Wildlife phototraps
  •         Infrastructure for the free transit of fauna
  •         Facilitators of forestry research.
  •         Study of Fauna and Flora of the University of Guadalajara.

To learn about nature and bring human creativity to the wild,  the developers have created the Mazati Park, which includes Extreme sport recreation:

  •          Downhill racing circuits
  •          Walking & hiking paths (a total of 72km)
  •          Waterfalls
  •          Horse ride
  •          Ziplines


As a long term permaculture plan, the creators of the Mazati reserve are building sustainable living structures to assure a good quality of food and water for its future inhabitants. The Mazati plan for organic agriculture includes plots or common areas for planting and harvesting organic vegetables and  natural filtration points for water and soil harvesting

Water and Farm to Table Experience. 

Due to the positioning in the basin, the Mazati development  has guaranteed its inhabitants enough water to plan a totally sustainable future for their families.  In addition, eventually Mazati’s own garden will provide vegetables as a farm to table lifestyle. This will be a luxury amenity for those who desire this awakened lifestyle. 

Architectural Code and Ecotechnics in order to respect nature. 

As a part of the congruence of the inhabitants in order to respect the native species and the whole life in the forest,  the Mazati development has established a very specific architectural code that determines that a high percentage of each private property should remain without impact of constructions. The development also offers private assistance to fully  equip a cabin with the highest ecological technology such as biodegestors, photovoltaic systems, and effective compost so that each inhabitant can take responsibility for their own waste management and energy production.


When will you plan to visit Mazati? , if you think that this article suits your lifestyle and your  concerns for the future, please invest in yourself, invest in Mazati and be part of this exclusive development. We are creating new paradigms that could change our society and most important of all, could change your life and the life of your family. Contact the agents at the phone numbers 33 3954 2956 / 33 3344 4888 – visit Mazati´s website to learn more at: